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Known for our crowd rocking flare, perfect track selection and high energy performances, Nightlife DJs regularly rocks weddings, private functions, events and balls around Invercargill, Queenstown, Wanaka, Dunedin and the rest of New Zealand. 

Wish to add the elegance of music to your wedding, cocktail party, corporate event or function? We have the perfect DJ package for you

Wedding DJ

Get in touch with our friendly team to have a chat about your wedding plans and let Nightlife DJs add the elegance of music to your wedding.

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School Ball & After Ball DJs

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Corporate Events & Private Function DJs

Our professional team and state of the art equipment allows us to create unique and exciting atmospheres at any event, weather you need wireless microphones and sound recording/reinforcement or projector walls and entertainment we can turn your vision into reality.

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Birthday Party DJs

Want to make your next birthday one to remember? Chat to the Nightlife DJs team and spoil you friends and family this year!

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“Nightlife DJs played awesome music and really played to the crowd so most people got on the dance floor and danced the night away. Matt was really easy to deal with and nothing was a problem. Would highly recommend!!!”
— Sonya and Greg Anderson
Invercargill wedding DJ

Are you wondering how to book the perfect DJ for your upcoming event?

Creating the perfect night starts with creating the perfect atmosphere.
People expect to be entertained, to be wowed, to see and hear something new and exciting or something classic that ignites a spark of nostalgia.

Anybody with significant experience in the entertainment industry will tell you that creating a magical night consists of a select few key ingredients...

  1. A Quality Sound System - A DJ can play the best tracks in the world but unless they are being pumped out by a quality sound system with plenty of bass and balanced highs, it can sound terrible. A study at Manchester University proved that listening to music louder than 90dB gets the brain to release pleasure hormones that make us happy during and after hearing the music. This means that loud music makes you happy and encourages people to dance but there is a fine line between comfortably loud and too loud. It is the DJ's job to control the sound level efficiently. The DJ can achieve this by ensuring the night starts off quietly and progressively ramps up to the peak of the night, all the while ensuring that noise levels aren't so excessive they will cause discomfort or noise complaints.
  2. An effective lighting system - Lighting can easily be overlooked or deemed as being "not necessary" for an event but this couldn't be further from the truth. When lighting is set up correctly it will be subtle yet highly effective. People will dance and enjoy their evening without taking much notice of the lighting around them. However, if the DJ lights are turned off, a pumping dance floor will immediately become static no matter how good the DJ is. I personally believe the lighting/visual rig is the key component to achieving a party atmosphere and a full dance floor. That's why we have spent countless hours testing the most effective dance/DJ lighting available. We purchase professional-grade DJ and event lighting from around the world because we believe there is no substitute for good quality lighting.
  3. A Good DJ - Some people will take offence to this and I don't mean to degrade DJs by saying it but these days anybody can be a DJ. I recently taught an 8-year-old to DJ in less than four hours. He played to over 100 kids at his school disco and absolutely smashed it! Now don't be fooled into thinking DJing is easy and you can just load up a playlist on your iPod, there's a bit more to it than that...
    I began DJing in 2006 following a lifelong passion for music using vinyl records and the latest CD turntables known as CDJs to DJs. This was before the days of auto-sync buttons and DJ controllers that plug straight into laptops. Over the years I found myself playing at clubs, festivals and events all around NZ. I studied DJing and Electronic Music Production at MAINZ in Auckland, and completed a Bachelor of Audio Engineering at SIT in Invercargill where I now teach students how to DJ.
    What I'm saying is that good DJing doesn't just come with having the latest tracks or the best equipment (although this helps and we have it), it comes with experience, diversity, enthusiasm and an eye for reading the crowd. When all these elements combine it makes for a magical performance - the kind where I'll have your crowd doing The Macarena to nothing but a tambourine by the end of the night.

queenstown wedding DJ
So many people commented to us about how much they loved the music and the reception. Nightlife DJs were so easy to work with and kept the party going all night!!!”
— Samantha & James Aspinall


Nightlife DJs will provide all of these components for your event, we'll look after the music, lights, DJ and SOund system so you can do what matters most...
Enjoy your night